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Energised Massage 2 years ago

Exactly what is energetic massage?

This is a very light madrid massage, where the hands or fingertips are being used to develop an energetic transfer. The fingers are placed at specific points on the body, referred to as acupoints, that are positioned on the various meridians.

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These meridians are the energised freeways with where the energy is carried, while the acupoints are more the reservoirs which contain the power as well as utilize the energy to feed the details organs/muscles/nerves and so on. The therapist "scans" the body by "touching" or feeling the power of the customer, to get a concept of it's energetic structure as well as how much energy is saved. One of the most suitable situation is that the customer has a great dose of power, that could distribute freely via the whole body (via the meridians).

Currently, when we get to the phase of unobstructed blood circulation and also a complete leisure we call it homeostasis.

This is the moment of full silence, where mind and body are well balanced, emotions eased as well as in deepest essence the Soul can involve leisure.

Is a human energetic?

For a multitude of people the idea of an energetic treatment is still an odd thing. However it's very simple: Yes, a human is (also) an energised being.

This is evident when we take a look at our food, due to the fact that your body requires energy for your body organs, for all the things you intend to do and so on . Furthermore, individuals can be weary (except energy) or full of energy when they remain in love. (even when your starting point is a pure biochemical base, you can not refute that there is a great deal of energy when individuals remain in love, which can do a whole lot with people on physical, emotional and also psychical level).

Besides that, there is the nerve system, which functions by electric (= energised) pulses that are passed to the muscle mass and body organs.

Balance/ disbalance

In this modern life it's impossible to live every moment in balance by all type of "air pollution". Think of air pollution, pesticides splashed on vegetables and also meat treated with hormonal agents.

But there are other "air pollutions": different type of anxiety and (unresolved) emotions.

These can contribute to (and at the same time being an expression of) a disbalance of the human body. This air pollution in the body, blocks specific acupoints. This will develop a clog in the (cost-free) energy circulation of the human body.

Luckily for us, the body is a really intelligent "maker", which is very well with the ability of repairing and fixing all sort of errors. Yet when there are increasingly more of these little mistakes, the body will have a more challenging and also more difficult job to do. After a while the acupoint is overloaded, and also will certainly impact various other acupoints and meridians.

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At this moment we only speak of an energised disbalance, and the human is in medical terms not ill. This can or will certainly occur, when the disbalance is not corrected or perhaps worsen ...